Bearded Egg Photography: Blog en-us Bearded Egg (Bearded Egg Photography) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:51:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:51:00 GMT Bearded Egg Photography: Blog 120 91 The Wedding of Adam & Linsey Bettley / First Steps Well a couple of weeks ago I finally shot my first wedding as the main photographer, I've taken the camera along to friends weddings before but this was  a whole different ball game. I guess I was lucky in that Adam & Linsey were both really relaxed & trusted in me that I would do the job for them. I absolutely enjoyed every minute of it but it was far more tiring than I thought it would be, being on your feet for the vast majority of the day & having to be constantly alert to not miss anything leaves you thoroughly looking forward to a cold beverage in the evening!
I guess that it will get less tiring the more experience you have as you'll know which parts you can sit down for etc.
Anyway, I feel proud of the job of the did and would like to share a few images from their, and my, big day.

The Groom sharing a laugh with his best men, moments before the entry of the bride.

The Bride & Groom, taken by my assistant while I was shooting from the front.

The Bride & Groom in Newmillerdam, using off-camera flash behind them.

The Bride & Groom at the evening do, welcoming their guests with a cannon that shot out a quarter of a tonne of confetti over the course of the night to go along with the video & light show.

First dance underneath streamers falling from the sky

The couple are currently away on their honeymoon, but I'm looking forward to their return for some proper feedback on the images but I'm sure they will be happy with them. They managed a quick look before and seemed to be anyway.
There are a few more from the wedding I've put in my portfolio, if you'd like a look. 

If you're a photographer I'm keen to read any comments you have from your first wedding - please post! 

Cheers for reading x

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Pre-Wedding Shoot at Newmillerdam, Wakefield, West Yorkshire. This past weekend, I met up with a couple, Adam & Linsey, for a pre-wedding shoot. We went to Newmillerdam in Wakefield as that will be the location for the photography on their wedding day. Theirs is a wedding I'm really looking forward to, it is to be a mad hatters tea party / Alice in Wonderland themed wedding. They brought their kids along too so I made sure to grab a couple of shots of those aswell so they didn't feel left out. Whilst processing I've tried a few different things as the happy couple aren't entirely sure what they want their images to look like as a final product. Anyway, here's a few sample shots.

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More of the same / a new beginning Well as you can see I've totally changed the look of the website, do you like it?

I thought it best that it's altered as it looks just a bit "classier", wouldn't you agree?

Two questions there, to which there could be infinite answers as how something looks and seems to someone may be totally different to another. That's kind of why I'm writing this post today. 
If, for example, you're playing a video game with a high score & you set that high score - you're the best. If you are a professional athlete and you score for your team more than anyone else, chances are you're up there with the top players in that team. 
As a photographer though, I really feel that the images I'm producing now are far superior to those of even 6 months ago, yet people are still reluctant to hire me. I totally understand this, I really do, why would you pay for someone who is unproven? 
At first it is rather frustrating, but recently people have started to give me a chance and I'm sure they will be happy they did once their big day has come & gone.

So what I think I'm saying, as much to myself as any other budding photographer out there, is just keep going - the more you practice the better you get and someone will appreciate it eventually which will open you up to brighter things.

I can't think of much else to write so here are two images of waterfalls, one from around 6 months ago and one from last weekend. Do you agree there is a difference in quality? Maybe even that's just me convincing myself i've improved in style over that half year, but I do think anyone would agree. Let me know your thoughts in the comments..

Thanks for reading!

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Bethany Jones Fundraiser / Going to the dogs Well, I'm really not keeping up to this blog as much as I'd initially hoped I would. Sorry about that!
If you have "liked" the Bearded Egg page on Facebook or are following it on Twitter then you'll probably see that we are actually doing things, but this blog keeps on getting forgotten about.

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago I attended the family fun day fundraiser for Bethany Jones to photograph the event. As you can see in the photograph below, 5 of those pictures were in the Pontefract & Castleford express so I'm quite proud of that.

You can see the full range of photographs taken at (will open in new tab)

This weekend coming I'll be attending a local dog meet, for Shar Pei owners, at Oakenshaw kennels in Wakefield. It's something I'm personally looking forward to as I enjoy the unpredictable nature of photographing pets. Once processed they will be available to view on this site, with a few previews & the link on our Facebook page - so if you haven't already, give us a like to not miss out on any updates.

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It's been a while! / The Incredible Magpie Band Well, I'm at a loss as to where to start this blog - It's been well over two weeks since my last post I believe, possibly nearer to three.
So, how are you?

Anyway, I guess I'll write about the release of the official video for the sublime new single from The Incredible Magpie Band, it really is a great track. Trust me, whilst putting the video together I must have listened to it easily 50+ times and I probably listen to the upcoming album once a day. They're the kind of band that you may dismiss as having heard it all before, and yes, maybe you have. But they just have that something extra, that something you can't really describe. I could go on all day but you should just listen for yourself and I'm absolutely sure you'll agree with me.

Now that you've watched it, I'd really appreciate some feedback on the style of the video either here or on Facebook. We agreed on going for a D.I.Y, "lads on tour" kind of feel with it as it just felt right for this track - Do you agree?

Take care, subscribe & share! 

Thanks for reading,
Bearded Egg x


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Cutting corners / small businesses together As you may remember from my last post here, I was working on a simple platform game in Unity. As time has ticked on it went off on a tangent and has found itself to be, well, still a simple platform game but with a few tweaks to what I'd originally planned / hoped for.
I came across numerous obstacles I couldn't find a way around so some sacrifices had to be made, it's not the game I was hoping for but I accepted that it's probably more important to actually complete a game that runs smoothly first & then move on to making something that's actually any good. Will this be something I regret in the future? Hopefully not, but either way it's all helping me to learn.

Here is a screenshot from the scene builder for the main bit of the game -

The aim will be getting the ball to travel from the left, across the level to the right then back to the left to get to the end point (top left)
There is a timer that will display onscreen and when you run out of time, you'll have to restart. You will have 3 minutes, I've managed to do it with about 15 seconds left with a couple of hiccups along the way so it's easily done with a bit of practice, but believe me it's a lot more difficult than it looks in the picture.
The game is finished now, and I have submitted it to a website that hosts online games and allows me to embed it into my own - hopefully they'll accept it and you'll then be able to play it!

Another thing that I have spent some of my time on this week is designing a logo for a friend, he's somebody else who is trying to establish a new business and I'm a big believer in small businesses working together to get up and running.
Here's the logo I did for him-

With that I also edited it slightly so he could use his new branding as his Facebook profile picture.

If you or anybody you know is trying to get on their feet with a small business I'd really appreciate a recommendation and will do something similar for a small price. 

Anyway, that's about all I've been up to this week. Thanks for reading!

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Success & Failure in Game Development / Amazeball (working title) Welcome back, numerous avid readers of this blog, welcome back.

I've left writing this a few days because I was hoping to be able to share some kind of success on the gaming front. You see, everything seemed to be falling in to place-

  1. I've made a 3d model to somewhat resemble myself, clothed him and rigged him up with some animations etc.
  2. I've figured out the physics in the game engine I'm using, Unity, to act as much like "real life" as possible.
  3. I've made a little 2.5d platformer type level so I could make something in a similar vein as the original Prince of Persia.

Now comes the failure...
I put the model in the level, he moves around in the direction I want but the animation won't play at the right time, I honestly can't see what I've done wrong. The default animation for him is obviously going to be just standing there, but when he moves he should blend in to that animation but no matter what I try, I can't figure out how to stop the idle animation loop earlier than the end of it.
This means that I'll have the character stood there, just minding his own business, with everything looking as it should do. Then I want to set him off moving, he moves along in the direction I input, but his walking animation doesn't start until after a couple of seconds. 
So that's one thing that frustrated me. The second thing that frustrated me is controlling the camera, I want it to follow the character around the screen but because I'm also wanting the game to play like a 2D platformer, but in a 3D environment, when the character turns from moving one way to the other, the camera also rotates 180 degrees and in doing so, knocks the character from the Z axis I've locked him to which means he just falls out of the level. 

As I'm a newcomer to this whole world and trying to learn, I decided instead to try a new approach. I simplified the level to be cubes that I've stretched out in to platforms, locked the camera in just one position and instead of the player character being in human form, I replaced him with a ball.
This has ironed out a few creases and made things a lot simpler until I actually get to grips with the mechanics of everything. 
The one thing now I need to figure out is how I can have multiple cameras that detect when the ball is in their field of view, and then set that camera as the main one so you character can be kept track of at all times.

I've recorded a quick video of what I mean...

As you can see, once the ball gets out - it's gone from view. I want another camera that is showing a similar layout to that with different exits, with different cameras still showing the screens after that and so on. The aim would be to have a maze of small platform screens such as in the video above.
This is obviously just me toying with the mechanics and trying to figure things out that will make my life easier when working on more complex stuff but I would quite like to be able to make this into a playable game that could be titled "Amazeball!" - are you cringing too?

If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

Thanks for reading

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Now & to the future / The path of The Bearded Egg Today has mostly been spent tinkering with this here website you seem to have found yourself at, as Bearded Egg attempts to branch out into the wider world of creative media.
First and foremost, this website is hosted by Zenfolio which is primarily a service aimed at photographers. As you can imagine, if used solely for that it's great and I can't recommend it enough.
"Is it adaptable for everything else you want to offer though, Bearded Egg?" I hear you ask, and I must congratulate you on such a good question. 
Well, the truth is, I'm not entirely sure yet. I'm happy with how it's starting to look now but I guess only time will tell if it's befitting of a modern multi-creative media, and to be frank, if I'm to be respected as someone who can deal with different mediums along the spectrum of digital world - I should really be able to find a way around any obstacles I may come across.
Turns out it looks reasonably easy, thanks mostly to all the tools offered by the good folks at Zenfolio, so I hope you're looking forward to not just browsing through my photography, but also the plethora of other sections I hope to have up and running as time ticks on and the Bearded Egg brand grows.
For a bit of information on what I'm aiming to include, I'll quickly rustle up a list so we can come back to this post in the future and see if I've stuck to what I set out to achieve, or if I've gone on a tangent to something completely different.

A look to the future:-

  • Photography
  • Video Production / Editing
  • Game Design & Development
  • Graphic Design

I'm always on the lookout for creative types who may be interested in working with me in some form, so if that is you or a friend don't hesitate to get in touch with any ideas you may have if you think we could work something out. 

As an example, I've always loved "point and click" adventure games such as the Monkey Island & Discworld series and would love to make one myself but I'm not much of a creative writer. This is where "friend of a friend" enters, though it's more like "girlfriends best friends brother."
Anyway, to cut a long story short, here's a guy I met at said friends wedding. The guy is a conservationist and in his spare time carves out animals from fruit & vegetables, which we'll come back to, and also has crafted a world in literary form. 
We're setting out on this adventure together now, turning his words into a game world. It will be a long time until it's even anywhere near being finished but it's a journey I'm very much looking forward to.

Thanks for reading, and check his page out on Facebook.

Dolphinana by Al ModeWhat do you get when you cross a banana & a dolphin?


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The Trident of the Bearded Egg / A blog of uncertainty... Hello, Reader.

This right here what you are casting your eyes upon is the first of (hopefully) a long running blog. What it will be about is still to be decided, though it is sure to turn out as a kind of anything and everything blog where I'll write about photography, video editing & game development - that is to say "The Trident of the Bearded Egg."
I probably should now explain that I am by no means an expert in any of these fields, I'm a reasonable photographer at best and a complete novice at everything else which is the main reason I'm starting this. While I've been teaching myself game design, for example, I've noticed a distinct lack of information on those that are taking their first steps into the murky waters that is coding. Everything seems to be aimed at those already having a base knowledge of a particular language with a view to implementing that into a new engine or whatever.
This blog right here will be me sharing thoughts, failures & successes in those fields so hopefully in a few years somebody may come along and find this and avoid those same mistakes I'm sure to make time and time again.

I've just made a video I've put up on YouTube displaying what I offer, business-wise, right now. Maybe when the previously mentioned somebody comes along in a couple of years he'll be able to see, hopefully, what can be achieved from scratch with just a little patience & persistence.

I encourage anyone reading this to leave thoughts / feedback / questions here and I'll do my very best to reply satisfactorily.

Thanks for reading, and here's that clip I mentioned.


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